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Custom Leaf Knee Moccasin

Each pair is created to your specifications and custom fitted, using a 3-dimensional mold of your foot and calf. You choose the leather colors, height, trim style, buttons and sole for your moccasins from a vast array of options. Whether you prefer one of our traditional designs or want your own special artwork, your custom moccasins reflect your own unique personality.
Your boots can be made with any height,like this mid-calf ivy leaf.
Knee High with a Custom Celtic Trim.
A custom Sun logo on your own custom moccasins.

James does custom orders and personal fittings by appointment at his workshop in Wimberley, Texas.
Enjoy looking at the Gallery of photos of some of James's footwear and accessories.
Please email James with any questions you may have, or to set up an appointment to visit in person.

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